Erotic ritual and massage for your soul journey.

All of you is welcome here.

 Are you seeking authentic connection? Orgasmic indulgence? Healing? 

A respite from the challenges of daily life?

Do you feel hungry for loving care? Playfulness? Aliveness? Peace?

Do you long to be held?

What would nurture you? Tender holding? Ritual? Ecstatic bliss?

Do you wish to be guided in the sacred art of pleasure? 

To learn about your anatomy of arousal?

It’s all welcome. 

Ecstatic Erotic Massage

If you wish to drop into a journey with erotic touch, I have been trained in ecstatic erotic massage – a full body sensual massage informed by Taoist lineages. In my massages I build waves of pleasure and arousal, edging, and cultivating erotic bliss in the body. Ecstatic Erotic Massages are all about expanding the inner experience of pleasure and widening your ability to feel greater realms and depths of pleasure.

Energy Work & Dearmouring

If erotic energy work would compliment your preferred ritual experience, I have received trainings and certifications in the Netherlands as well as Montreal and Victoria, having learnt in the lineages of Dearmouring Arts, Andrew Barnes, and Reiki. Erotic energy work has the potential to yield otherworldly experiences of sensations including ecstatic erotic charge and full body energy orgasms. If you’re not sensitive to energy, this is something that can be re-learnt.

Counternormative Erotic Joy

Beyond my formal trainings in Dearmouring and ecstatic erotic massage, I welcome clients to dive even more deeply the sensual world of erotic touch. Discover the art of soft cock massage, tantric erotic practice, breathwork, erotic meditation, or the pleasurable sensations of vulva and breast massage. Dive into anal and prostate pleasure. Or perhaps we might touch on masturbation coaching and pleasure mapping, or embrace the freedom of gender play and transgressing the binary.


1hr: $200 // 1.5hr $250 // 2hr $300



Same day / next day bookings are highly unlikely.

Initial sessions require an RSVP deposit.

For sessions focusing on coaching or conversation (no touch / play), I am happy to subtract $50 from the session fee listed. I do require notice if this is the plan for our session.

Please note that I do not have sex in my sessions, and I do not offer touch of my sexual body parts.  I firmly believe our time together is for you and your inner experience of pleasure. I wear light clothing, and arrive with dedication to protecting the integrity of the session and my boundaries.

“Billie showed me the power of my own breath, and how integral it is to my ability to orgasm and experience my own pleasure on a deeper level. I was honestly shocked and delighted by this incredible connection and then being able to integrate the practices that support it. So simple but so profound!”