Plant healing seeds of lasting pleasure and joy.

All of you is welcome here.

What would support your healing journey?

Empathetic holding?

Exploring the sources of pleasure and meaning in your body and life?

A companion while venturing into the unknown woods?

Reclaiming what has been wrongly taken from you?

Alternatives to reactive, fearful, and avoidant behaviours?

Giving yourself the gift of soul connection with yourself?

It’s all welcome.

Somatic Trauma Recovery

I have pursued a variety of somatic (body-based) trainings and certifications in the field of trauma recovery. Specifically regarding sexual trauma, or, trauma that affects folks’ sexual lives. My work is informed by contemporary trainings on the physiology, psychology, and neuroscience of trauma by trauma specialists such as Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Pat Ogden, Dan Siegel, Staci Haines, Kathy Kain, and Jane Clapp, as well as complimentary alternative practices and philosophy from Buddhist, Taoist and Earth-based spiritual lineages.

Sexologic Bodywork

Explore the transformative power of sexologic bodywork, a holistic approach to erotic wellness and personal growth. Through compassionate touch, breathwork, and somatic exploration, as a certified sexologic bodywork I will invite you to reconnect with your body, and cultivate pleasure. We will explore within a spacious and non-judgmental space within which you can explore your desires, expand your sensual awareness, and deepen your connection with yourself and others. Whether you’re seeking to tend to sexual wounds or reconnect with your body, sexologic bodywork offers a pathway to embodied erotic healing.

Somatic Sex Education

Somatic Sex Education and Sexologic Bodywork offer a transformative fusion of coaching, bodywork, and education, fostering embodiment, choice, and wisdom. As a certified somatic sex educator, I guide clients through a journey of exploration, focusing on establishing safety, communication, consent, and boundaries, while deepening mindful pleasure awareness throughout the body. I might also support clients in addressing pelvic pain, numbness, or orgasm challenges, as well as provide coaching and education on masturbation, sex, and pleasure anatomy.


1hr: $200 // 1.5hr $250 // 2hr $300



Same day / next day bookings are highly unlikely.

Initial sessions require an RSVP deposit.

For sessions focusing on coaching or conversation (no touch / play), I am happy to subtract $50 from the session fee listed. I do require notice if this is the plan for our session.

Please note that I do not have sex in my sessions, and I do not offer touch of my sexual body parts.  I firmly believe our time together is for you and your inner experience of pleasure. I wear light clothing, and arrive with dedication to protecting the integrity of the session and my boundaries.

“Billie offers a warm, present, kind, confident, gentle energy. I felt so protected and taken care of and like anything was ok and we would get through it together. When I would share my grief, Billie would look at me in the eyes while I was speaking, I felt so heard and seen and understood. So honored and loved. Still beaming from the gift of my time.”