Come home to your deepest desires.

All of you is welcome here.

Are you seeking an initiation experience?

A guided spiritual journey?? 

Extra-ordinary sensation? Sexual healing?

To express your primal self?

Are you longing for inner alignment? Aliveness? Meaning?

What would nurture you?

Do you wish to experience altered states of consciousness? 

Do you long to connect with your deepest wounds? Pleasures?

To fully feel? 

It’s all welcome.

Sensual BDSM

Indulge in the exquisite dance of power and connection with a sensual BDSM session. Explore the depths of your desires in a safe and consent-informed environment, where trust and communication are paramount. Visit realms of pleasure and surrender, and experience a journey that transcends the physical, delving into the realms of mind, body, and soul, where touch, sensation, and playing with power is a vehicle to connect with self, soul, and beyond-ordinary pleasures.

Initiation Experiences

Embarking on a journey of exploration into BDSM and kink in a learning container offers invaluable insights and guidance. Beyond the delights of pleasure, it provides a safe and knowledgeable space to delve into desires, boundaries, and communication skills. I can offer myself as a compass, discussing the complexities of power dynamics, consent, and safety protocols. Through which clients can deepen their understanding of themselves and their desires, fostering trust and intimacy both with themselves as well as building tools to explore with play partners. With sensitivity and respect (as well as a dose of playfulness!), I’m here to support clients in embracing their authentic pleasures, and often supporting personal growth that extends far beyond ‘the bedroom’.

Counternormative Kinky Play

Experience the intoxicating blend of power, sensation, and surrender through cathartic flogging, spanking, caning, and paddling. Explore pegging, fisting, shibari, and rope bondage for a journey of trust and intimacy. Indulge in wax play, clips, clamps, urethral sounding, and erotic electrostimulation for boundless pleasure and self-discovery. Dive deep into desire and unlock the secrets of your most intimate fantasies.


1hr: $350 // 1.5hr $400 // 2hr $450



Same day / next day bookings are highly unlikely.

Initial sessions require an RSVP deposit.

For sessions focusing on coaching or conversation (no touch / play), I am happy to subtract $50 from the session fee listed. I do require notice if this is the plan for our session.

Please note that I do not have sex in my sessions, and I do not offer touch of my sexual body parts.  I firmly believe our time together is for you and your inner experience of pleasure. I wear light clothing, and arrive with dedication to protecting the integrity of the session and my boundaries.

“I really had an amazing time with you. I felt so connected to you when I was looking into your eyes. I felt that we connected on a very intimate level. I feel very safe with you in your hands and mind. I feel could explore a lot more with you under your guidance and skill. I love the way my body responded to your touch and voice as well as your energy.”